Our Wireless Video Intercom solution is an electronic communication and building entry solution that does not require wires between devices in the system.
WLAN VIDOORA Door stations work completely wirelessly within the WIFI coverage area.
The LAN VIDOORA Door stations used due to the weak WIFI coverage area require a network cable.
The advantages of Wireless Video Intercom include easy installation, lack of internal devices (they are replaced by ordinary smartphones), lower costs, and speeding up the acquisition of user skills.
The Wireless Video Intercom is a step up from traditional wired Audio and Video Intercom systems that require cabling and internal equipment.
See, hear, and talk to your visitors using the VIDOORA Wireless WiFi Video Intercom Door station and your smartphone, then open the Door or Gate with the push of a button in your Smartphone.
With the free CallMe app, you can get your Smartphone's first notification so you can easily see who's at your door even when you're not home.
For added peace of mind, you can track visits later.
The quick and easy-to-set-up Wi-Fi Video Intercom Door station includes a free app, allows you to see, communicate, and open the entrance, allows for large photo/video storage, and the best Wireless Video Intercom system options at an affordable price.
You can open the front door for a family member or friend even if you happen to be on another continent.