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74340, GROTHE GmbH, One family house Video Intercom Door communication Set 2VOICE SET 1730/501

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Brief description
A practical door station set with a wide range of expansion options. The basic version can be expanded up to 4 living spaces. The 2-wire system allows you to use existing cable installations, so you can easily retrofit. With the help of various additional modules, you can easily integrate call forwarding, access control, and video surveillance into the system.
Technical specifications
Use: 1- residential/ commercial building
door station 180 x 103 x 44 mm
Type video phono system, 2-wire set
door station VT 1730/51
indoor telephone / monitor VM 1730/1 Soft Touch 7" 800 X 480 pixels
hands-free monitor 155 x 195 x 19 mm
Device type
a complete set
Special features
call forwarding,
access control
1x surface-mounted door station with clock button,
1x video monitor,
1x transformer,
installation material
Special features
The set can be expanded to 4 living spaces,
call forwarding to a smartphone (optional) ),
access control (optional) and
connecting an analog camera is possible