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43581, GROTHE GmbH, mobile wireless doorbell set, CALIMA 800 GB, Bluetooth, microSD capability


• Loudspeaker with BLUETOOTH®

• BLUETOOTH® range up to 15 meters

• The wireless bell- button is already paired with a wireless Doorbell at the factory

• 14 pre-installed melodies

• MicroSD card slot for playing your own melodies

• Menu navigation with voice announcement

• Volume up to 86 dB (A)

• Optical signal display through the LED light ring in different versions

• 500-meter range, mobile, possible to move to different locations in the house, outside

• Snooze function 1/3/9 hours

• Mute

• Battery life up to 8 hours (when music is played)

• Compatible with all MISTRAL wireless bell- buttons

• Can be connected to conventional, existing Doorbell buttons (bell system) with the MISTRAL SE03 wireless bell-button transmitter

• Easiest coupling of additional wireless bell buttons, movement detectors, and wireless Doorbells

• 22 calls distinction possible

Technical information:

• Radio range 500 m in the open

• Frequency 868.35 MHz

• Number of melodies 13 polyphonic melodies plus own melodies via SD card

• Volume Max. 86 dB (A) adjustable

• Optical signaling LED ring, different colors, and flashing light adjustable

• Call distinction 11-fold

• Number of the connectable wireless bell- buttons transmitters22

• Central, individual, matrix calls

• Interface Bluetooth®

• Power supply 1 x lithium battery with plug connection

• Dimensions Ø90 x 140 mm

• Color white/black

• Surface: silk matt

• Dimensions wireless bell- button transmitter 36 x 100 x 17 mm, includes inset

• Power supply wireless bell- button transmitter 2 x 1.5 V batteries type AAA

• Protection class sender IP54

• Speech output English

You can find the CALIMA 800 GB user guide here