14039, GROTHE, Bell transformer GT 3139

Bell transformer GTN 3139 Grothe transformers "MADE IN GERMANY" Bell transformers are optimized for short-term use, such as those found with bells, gongs, chimes and door openers in residential areas. Safety transformers for continuous use. Grothe bell and safety transformers are protected by a PTC, which switches off the transformer on the primary side in the event of a short circuit or overload. If the PTC is triggered by overloading or a short circuit, the transformer should be switched off for a short period of time, at least 1 minute, so that it can then be put back into operation. All transformers meet the highest environmental protection requirements, are tested according to EN61558 and are certified. Product features: Installation in electrical distributors/flat distributors, short-circuit proof by PTC, meet the highest environmental protection requirements, tested according to EN61558-2-8:2011. Certified, marked with ENEC mark. Technical data: Primary: 230 - 240V AC (50 Hz) Secondary: 8/12V AC (1.5/1.0A) Dimensions: 90 x 36 x 65 mm (corresponds to 2 built-in modules) A notice: Higher output voltage at low load or no-load!After a short circuit, the system can be put back into operation by briefly disconnecting the primary side from the mains. Accessories AP mounting set: incl. two cover caps for IP 20. Accessories AP mounting set: incl. mounting rail and material for surface mounting Brand: Grothe Item number: 14039 Type: GTN 3139 Short description: • Primary: 230 V AC (50 Hz) • Short-circuit proof by PTC • 90x36x65mm • Secondary: 8/12 VAC (1.5/1.0 A Description, detailed: • Device type: bell transformer • Duty cycle short-term load: 20 s • Secondary voltage 2: 12 V AC • Version: short-circuit proof • Secondary current 1 1.5 A • Width: 2 HP, 3 HP • Short-time operation mode • Secondary current 2: 1.0 A • Type: bell transformer • Dimensions: 90 x 54 x 65mm • Short-circuit proof by PTC • Optional accessories: surface mounting set GT 54 AP • Primary voltage: 230 V AC (50 Hz) • Secondary Voltage 1: 8V AC
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