22523, GROTHE, Alarm bell, large, gray LTW 168 GR 24V/AC

Grothe's robust and compact LTW 168 series of alarm bells is specially designed for use in industrial and civil facilities and has a high IP protection class (IP66). This makes these products suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The electronic large alarm bell is available in three different colors for different situations. The series has two variants for direct voltage and three variants for alternating voltage. Alarm bells are particularly suitable for signaling rest breaks or the start of work Production environments, schools, or other places where regular acoustic imaging is required. Notice: Variants (grey) also available LTW 168 GR 12 V AC, product no. 22522 LTW 168 GR 240 V AC, product no. 22527 LTW 168 GR 12 V DC, product no. 22550 LTW 168 GR 24 V DC, product no. 22551 The AC versions have a 2 dB(A) difference in volume compared to the DC versions! This information concerns the large alarm bell LTW 168 GR 24V AC. This product is not suitable for installation in vehicles. Brand: Grothe Manufacturer's article number: 22523 Type: LTW 168 GR 24V AC Product Description: • Weight: 1.408 kg • Length: 78mm • Width: 168mm • Height: 168mm • Protection class: 2 • Case diameter: 168 mm • Continuous operation mode • Volume: 100 dB(A) • Color: gray • Sound bowl: stainless steel • IP Protection class: IP66 • Working: continuous work • Power supply: 24 V AC (430 mA), 24 V AC, 50 Hz (430 mA) • Dimensions: Ø 168 x 78 • Large clock device type • Distance between mounting holes: 91 mm • Cable entry depth: 5 – 9 mm
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