31047, GROTHE, Signal horn HUPE 630 240V AC

This compact signal horn is specially designed for indoor and outdoor use and impresses with its outstanding volume. The horn uses electromechanical sound generation using a strong steel membrane supported by a sound funnel that allows for optimal sound concentration. The body of this horn is made of strong and self-extinguishing light gray plastic (ABS), which not only provides durability but also some fire protection. Therefore, this horn is perfectly designed to perform its duties reliably in various environments, both indoor and outdoor. Installation note: Wall mounting (alarm facing down) Connection terminals for max 1.5 mm² groove Notice: In principle, protection class IP43 is suitable for universal use in factories and buildings. However, if the environment is exposed to large amounts of dust or foreign matter, a higher degree of protection is recommended. Brand: Grothe Manufacturer's article number: 31047 Type: HUPE 630 240V AC Product Description: • Weight: 0.193 kg • Length: 79mm • Width: 74mm • Height: 168 mm • Protection class: 2 • Connection terminals: for max 1.5 mm² • Volume: 95 dB(A) • Power supply: 230 V AC, 240 V AC (0.03 A) • Temperature range: -30 to +50 °C • Duty cycle: 100% • Type of device: small signal horns • Wall mounting • Dimensions: 168 x 79 x 74 mm • IP protection class: IP43
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