423872059, DOORBIRD, A1121 Flush-mount IP Access Control Device, Stainless steel V2A, brushed

Product Name A1121 Flush-mount IP Access Control Device Short Description Multi-technology access control system and stand-alone solution for back and side doors, garages, storage and packing rooms, bicycle and machine rooms Product Description • Flush-mount housing included • WiFi / LAN connection (PoE capable) • Keypad • 125 KHz and 13.56 MHz RFID reader • Tamper sensor • Wiegand interface • 2 freely configurable bistable switching relays Brand: Doorbird Producer Item No.: 423872059 Type: A1121 Flush-mount • Three separate access control devices combined: Keypad RFID Reader Bluetooth low Energy (BLE) • Keypad Module Configurable via App Up to 500 individual PIN codes Individual events (e.g. trigger a relay, HTTP(s) request) • RFID sensor 125 KHz 13.56 MHZ • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) For access control, compatible external sensors and smart locks • WiFi-capable • Two freely configurable bistable switching relay • Wiegand interface • Manipulation sensor • Product weight 1,075 kg
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