43175, GROTHE,Electronic gong CROMA 230A

The luxury electronic gong with a large selection of melodies and an additional ALARM function - particularly "exciting" thanks to multi-volt operation up to 230V. etc.) 17 brilliant sounds (2-/3-tone, Westminster, pop, special call sequence for the hard of hearing, classic, etc.) can be switched from melody to ALARM tone (ideally suitable in combination with motion detectors, if e.g. in a shop during the day a melody and the ALARM tone should be triggered at night). Adjustable volume up to max. 86 dB(A), 2-way call differentiation for optimum access control SILENCE function (one-button mute) with LED control, user-friendly easy TIP control unit for all functions (fold-out design element). Brand: Grothe Item number: 43175 Type: CROMA 230A Short description: • 17 engaging sounds • Switchable from melody to alarm tone • 2-fold call differentiation • 230 V AC or 8 - 12 V AC / DC • Power supply: 230 V AC or 8 - 12 V AC / DC Description, detailed: • Operating temperature: +5 to +40 °C • CROMA series • Number of melodies: 17 polyphonic melodies • Dimensions: 150x115x45mm • Power supply: 230 V AC • Voltage supply alternatively: 8 - 12 V AC/DC • Color: white / silver • Volume: Max. 86 dB(A) adjustable • Call differentiation: 2-fold • Mute button • Type of device: Electronic gongs Color: white / silver Volume: Max. 86 dB(A) adjustable Name: CROMA Call differentiation: 2-fold Voltage supply: 230 V AC Alternative power supply: 8 - 12 V AC/DC Mute: button
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