43300, GROTHE, Wireless gong set MISTRAL 300M

Mistral 300M in a set with radio bell button SE03 - trained ex works and immediately ready for use. 500 meter range (free field). The interference-free wireless connection up to 500 meters guarantees a reliable door chime. 16 polyphonic melodies. With the large selection of attractive ring tones, you can customize your Mistral 200 very flexibly. Multiple call differentiation for multiple doors. With the help of call differentiation, you can see immediately whether the doorbell rang at the front door or at the garden gate. Up to 20 radio bell buttons can be taught and 16 can be provided with an individual ring tone. Call Types: Central call: Incoming call is forwarded to several gongs at the same time and triggers them. Individual call: Several transmitters are linked to a single gong. Matrix call: A transmitter controls targeted or selective communication with specific gongs. Power supply: The Mistral 300M E can either be supplied with four LR14/C type batteries or with a wired power supply of 8 - 12 V AC / DC. Low battery indicator the wireless gong gives an optical and acoustic signal when the batteries in the bell button and in the gong are almost empty. This way you won't miss a visit because the battery is surprisingly empty. A notice: *Walls, doors, metal parts etc. can noticeably reduce the range! Brand: Grothe Item number: 43300 Type: MISTRAL 300M Short description: • 16 melodies • Includes Mistral SE03 • 16-way call differentiation • With flashlight function • External power supply / battery operation • Range: 500 m • White/Silver ABS Front Description, detailed: • 16-way call differentiation • Flash light: LED • Degree of protection: transmitter IP54 • Call types: central, individual, matrix call • MISTRAL series • Device type: radio gong set • Power supply receiver: 4 x 1.5 V batteries type LR14/C not included, external: 8 - 12VAC/DC • Frequency: 868.35MHz • Dimensions receiver: 150 x 115 x 38 mm • Color: white / silver • Volume: Max. 86 dB(A) adjustable • Dimensions transmitter: 36 x 100 x 17 mm • Number of transmitters that can be coupled: 20 • Color housing: white • Radio range: 500 m in free field • Color door: white / silver • Power supply transmitter: 2 x 1.5 V batteries type AAA not included, external: 6 - 12VDC • Number of melodies: 16 polyphonic melodies
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