43516, GROTHE GmbH, Wireless doorbell set ECHO White Echo M - BM White

Wireless doorbell set ECHO White Echo M - BM White Brand: Grothe Grothe Item number: 43516 Type: Echo M - BM White A brief description of the product: • Wireless motion sensor Mistral BM03 • Nine pre-installed melodies • Individual melodies (SD card) can be submitted • 20 times the distinction between calls • 20 Radio Bell transmitter- buttons can be connected • Treatment: 500 m • Plug & Play • Battery work / external power supply Product Description: • Echo M, white, included with motion sensor BM03 - connected to the factory and ready for immediate use. • Your favorite song as a ringtone. • Any melody can be used as a ring through the MicroSD card. By default, ECHO already has 9 fascinating melodies. • 500 meters of coverage (open field) • Alarm-free radio connection up to 500 meters away from a reliable doorbell. • Brilliant sound. • Echo presents your individual melody with the quality of the speaker. • Optical LED signal. In addition to the ringtone, activate the bright LED flash as a visual signal. • Distinguish between multiple calls for multiple doors ! Up to 20 wireless clock buttons can be connected and they can be assigned an individual ring. • Types of calls: Middle call: Incoming calls are directed to several reception devices at the same time and trigger. Individual ringtone: Several transmitters are connected to a single reception device. Matrix call: The transmitter controls purposeful or optional communication with specific reception devices. • Battery discharge indicator. The reception device, which works through the radio communications, provides a visual and acoustic signal when the batteries are almost empty in the sending-clock button and the reception device. This way you will not miss the visit because the battery is empty. • Comfortable assembly • ECHO has a foldable base that allows the reception notice to be placed everywhere. With an additional wall mount (not included) Echo can also be mounted on the wall. • Info: Walls, doors, metal parts, etc. can significantly reduce the scope! Use the Mistral WR repeater to increase the range. • Do not clean the high gloss surface with a microfiber cloth. Do not use detergents. Please only wipe with a damp cloth.
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