43561, GROTHE, CALIMA 200 GB Wireless gong set

CALIMA wireless gong series. CALIMA is the door chime series developed for the individual requirements of modern everyday life. With practical functions, the gongs of the CALIMA series adapt to your needs. Thanks to its handy and practical design, the CALIMA 200 fits into any home and impresses with the many functions it brings with it. The special thing about the CALIMA 200 is that it is mobile! Take the handy miracle with you wherever you go and never worry about not hearing the doorbell again. In this set, the CALIMA 200 is supplemented by our POLO radio transmitter, together they form a dream team. Flexibility- Interference-free wireless connection with a range of up to 250 meters. Voice prompt menu. Simple administration thanks to a clear menu structure, voice output and two discreet buttons. Multiple call differentiation. Signals directly at which door the doorbell rang. Colored LED ring. Also provides visual information that visitors are at the front door. The color and type of light can be selected according to your own wishes. Mute and snooze function. When there should be peace in the house. With this practical function, you can easily mute or snooze the gong. A notice: potential radio interference can be ruled out with our radio gongs because they have been certified according to the RED Directive 2014/53/EU. Brand: Grothe Item number: 43561 Type: CALIMA 200 GB Short description: • Two-button operation with voice output (English) • Range: 250 m • 13 melodies • LED color display • With the snooze function • Batteries not included • 11-way call differentiation • 11 transmitters can be coupled Description, detailed: • Surface: satin matt • Degree of protection transmitter: IP54 • Shape: round • Call types: central, individual, matrix call • Device type: radio gong set • Note Batteries not included • Volume: Max. 83 dB(A) adjustable • CALIMA series • Temperature range: 5 to 40° C • Number of melodies: 13 polyphonic melodies • Color: white/black, white • Frequency: 868.35MHz • Voice output German • Optical signaling: LED ring with different colors adjustable • Dimensions transmitter: 36 x 100 x 17 mm • Number of transmitters that can be coupled: 11 • Dimensions receiver Ø 60x 102 mm • 11-way call differentiation • Power supply transmitter: 2 x 1.5 V batteries type AAA not included • Power supply receiver: 4 x 1.5 V batteries type AA, 2x 1.5 V type AAA • Radio range: 250 m in free field Color: white, white/black Shape: round Frequency: 868.35 MHz Radio range: 250 m in an open field Note: Batteries are not included Volume: Max 86 dB(A) adjustable Name: CALIMA Surface: white finish Optical signaling: LED ring, different colors can be set Call types: central, individual, matrix call Call distinction: 11 times Degree of protection of the transmitter: IP54 Power supply receiver: 4 x 1.5V AA type batteries, 2 x 1.5V AAA type batteries Power supply transmitter: 2 x 1.5V AAA batteries not included Voice output: English Temperature range: +5 - + 40° C
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