FTPOE2W, FASTTEL, Accessories, 2-Wire Ethernet PoE converter FTPOE2W

Accessories, 2-Wire Ethernet PoE converter FTPOE2W Do you have to connect the IP Door Intercom, IP camera, computer,… or whatever else and you have no right network cable? Our new two-wire system converter FTPOO2W offers a solution! This module makes any two-wire connection perfect to the CAT5 network cable. If you have a PoE -Switch, you don't even need additional energy to transmit. The PoE is transported with Data over the Old cabling. You can connect as many couples to your network as you want: modules do not interfere with each other or others, and IP addresses are completely automatically determined. The distance to be exceeded is a maximum of 500 meters. Therefore, the module can be used even if you have CAT 5 but you need to go further than traditionally allowed 90 meters. Brand: Fasttel Producer Item No.: FTPOE2W Type: FTPOE2W
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