4G cellular surveillance cameras can provide a completely wireless video surveillance solution, they do not use WiFi or Ethernet connection.
They are especially suitable for remote areas where both WiFi and Ethernet are not available. Using the 4G mobile network to transmit data is the most reliable way there so far, it has already been widely used in surveillance equipment.
After buying a 4G surveillance camera, you need to insert a valid SIM card into it, and then run the corresponding application, the whole process is simple.
When the 4G surveillance camera is actively working, a relatively large amount of data is consumed.
Most of the time, however, the camera is in a "resting state" and the data transmission during this time is small (necessary only to perform some control functions).
We offer Grothe 4G surveillance camera 1099/212 (allows work as both a 4G and WIFI surveillance camera.), IP- 4K 1080p 2MPX 1920 x 1080px.