AHD stands for "Analogue High Definition".
AHD is a closed-circuit analog television video surveillance standard with high-definition 720P video, which allows the surveillance camera to send an HD signal through a standard coaxial or RCA cable.
As Grothe AHD solutions, we offer cameras AHD-H - 1920 x 1080 px and 5 Mpx - 2592 x 1944 px.
Advantages: combined operation of conventional analog cameras and AHD cameras.
AHD technology is particularly suitable for replacing conventional analog cameras or expanding an analog video surveillance system.
Integrated signal switching for analog video systems.
Many Grothe cameras have a signal switch in the menu to switch from AHD to analog and vice versa.
Intelligent monitoring with HVR recorders.
By changing the digital video recorder, a mixed operation of ordinary analog cameras and AHD cameras can be realized in the surveillance object.
AHD recorders support the recording of analog video signals, HD video signals, and IP cameras (HVR = Hybrid Video Recorder).
AHD technology does not require special cables as it is compatible with coaxial (RG) cables. This ensures quick and easy installation.